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    Cannot create documents with duplicate title (subject) with REST API


      The REST API docs indicate that the document subject must be unique in the place and sends back a 409 code with the message, "A document with the same title already exists in this place".  However, I can create multiple documents with the same title in a place using the UI.  I assume the term "title" in the UI and "subject" in the REST API are synonymous. If this isn't a real restriction from a referential integrity standpoint, why is does the REST API have this restriction whereas the UI does not?  Is there a way around this?




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          Ryan Rutan

          Brent Perkins - Could you confirm which version of Jive you are using? 


          Of all the versions I have used, you cannot create duplicate documents in the same container/place with the same subject.  So this is a real restriction in both the UI and the API for documents only.  As for other content-types, the only limitation that comes to mind is for blog posts with the same title on the same date (as it violates the permalink implementation).


          When I try to do this (for example in this community), I get the following error:

          The title of this document is not unique among the documents in the space


          If your instance isn't honoring this restriction then we need to dig into why that is the case.


          Let us know if you continue to see this problem.