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    Jive for Outlook - Value used for auto mapping avatars/info


      Does anyone know what value is used to map a users avatar in the Outlook client?


      I'm seeing inconsistent mapping of user accounts and I usually have to manually map the email account the jive profile before the avatar shows up correctly--you can imagine how painful this is when you have hundreds of people in the company.


      I have been told that the user privacy setting can affect the mapping, but a lot of the users that don't map automatically have their email, and most other information, set to "Everyone."


      I have also looked at the database and found two privacy settings on email address--I have also been told that email address is what maps the user-- the emailvisible column in the jiveuser table and a user property called 'user.emailProfileSecurityLevel' in the jiveuserprop table.  Does anyone know if either of these are what controls the mapping?  If not, does anyone know what value does?