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    How to filter activity objects by objectType in Rest API call




      Looking at how I can filter a person's activities by the value found in "object.objectType" (part of the Activity object) - I would like to limit the results to 'jive:message' and 'jive:discussion' - I've tried to add various filter formats to my test URL, but my results are not getting filtered as expected. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Using '/people/[personID]/activities?filter=objectType(jive:message)&count=50'


      The query parameter for filter isn't causing any issues with the request, because I've changed the count value a few times and always see the expected number of objects in the response.  Just having trouble getting the filter to work as expected.


      Craig McClanahan, Mark Weitzel, John Larson, Prashanth Govindaraj


      Thanks so  much!



      Clarke Bishop