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    Excel Read Only Status for a single user

      Hi everyone:  We came across an issue earlier today where the owner of a project within a space she does not own, was not able to make any edits to a document because her status for any excel

      document she opened was "read only view"


      There are no specific global permissions that would limit this.  Im only a member of the group and was able to make edits and publish this document with no problem.

      Excel Read Only Status.png


      Thanks for any help in advance!

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          That is an error from Excel, not from Jive. The person will need to save a locl copy, and should be able to edit from there. I've also seen problems with this when the person who created the original file has added Excel permissions, keeping anyone from editing it.

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            Did you ever determine how to actually solve this problem?


            We have the same problem with one of our users (she can, as Tracy points out, save a local copy, edit it and publish a new version) but I don't understand why she's encountering this in the first place. It happens any time she tries to edit a Word or Excel file on our Jive instance, regardless of whether she created it or not.


            And if she sees the prompt Scott identifies above, and goes to the Jive tab anyway and hits publish, she gets this error (even if she's the original author of the document):



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                Is this from Jive for Office?
                Not sure, but the "publish from Jive tab" sounds as such. In that case, this could come to place permissions or permissions on the specific document - someone may be able to download the file, but not edit the file in the Jive instance


                around what Tracy was saying, this is an excel error. This is set so that any person must save locally and reupload. If they can't reupload, that's a separate item

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                  Hi Allison, et al -- we have some users intermittently experiencing this issue. for one excel doc the user can edit correctly on download to local, but then another similar excel doc is blocked with Read Only.

                  Pursuing with Jive Support.

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                    So the point here is that the BEST way to work with an MS document is right from within the program itself. Don't first download the file and then edit, but open right from within Excel or Word. Then you bypass this altogether.


                    I'd LOVE it if it worked such that you could edit from within Jive. I suspect it doesn't work this way since the MS products supported are desktop and not web, but that's a better question for Mor Avital to answer. I'm hoping it will get easier with Office 365, because this is a barrier for some of our users.

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                        In-browser editing is unfortunately something we can't support with the current supported version of Office. However, on our roadmap is support for O365, which has its own native browser support for editing documents, and then our options are greater. This is definitely something we are looking into. No details or commitments yet, but we hear you and we are absolutely looking in that direction.

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                            Any news on this?  I have tested this with Office 2013 Pro Plus and Office 365 Pro Plus and still get these read-only errors. 

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                                Having Windows Explorer open to the directory the file resides in, while the document is open, often makes Excel think the file is open, even if that particular file is not highlighted.  Some function inside Windows may be indexing or locking the file for preview - which is all unseen to the user.


                                I have the same issue now with a user - who is the only person with rights to that directory, only person with rights to the file.  Yet I had to save as to 'turn off' what I couldn't see was occurring, to get out of the problem.


                                I found a blurb elsewhere -


                                Spreadsheet Settings

                                Excel spreadsheets and workbooks can be protected to prevent changes. Depending on the level of protection, they may be partly or completely Read Only. You can select "Unprotect" under the review tab, but if the person who enabled protection set a password, you will need that password to remove the protection. The spreadsheet can also be set to read only during "Save As," by selecting "Tools" in the save dialog box, then "General Options." A password may also be added at this step.


                                File Corruption

                                In some cases file corruption can make a spreadsheet Read Only. If a spreadsheet is Read Only and cannot be edited, even after checking all settings and ensuring the file is in a location you can save and modify files, saving the file under a new name may remove the Read Only restriction. When using "Save As," ensure that the "Read Only" option during save as, as described above, is not enabled. This procedure will not remove protection in a protected file.


                                The sheet in question did not show unprotect but gave me the option to protect. The one I have changed the name of, I was able to go in and make / save a change. The one that wouldn't, I was able to reopen and also make / save a change.


                                Go figure - anyway hope this helps someone.