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    Struts stream response text/html without having the headers/footers added?


      So I have something like the following in my struts file (I modified some class names, etc...):


      <!DOCTYPE struts PUBLIC "-//Apache Software Foundation//DTD Struts Configuration 2.0//EN"



          <package name="customers-serv-actions" extends="community-default">

              <action name="CustomersServ" class="com.sales.customers.CustomersServiceAction">

                  <result name="redirect" type="redirect">${redirectUrl}</result>

                  <result name="load" type="stream">

                      <param name="parse">false</param>

                      <param name="contentType">text/html</param>

                      <param name="inputName">responseStream</param>


                  <result name="error">/plugins/customers/resources/templates/error.ftl</result>

                  <result name="success">/plugins/customers/resources/templates/success.ftl</result>

                  <result name="tab">/plugins/customers/resources/templates/tabframe.ftl</result>




      The problem is when I call this, I get back a full web page with the nav bar and footers for the page. Is there any way to get JUST the html I'm passing back in the action?