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    Public Projects


      Is there a way to make a project public? We'd like to show a list of tasks in a project for system development to show completed and planned modifications. Your API seems more targeted at user usage rather than a networks usage. It would even be good if there was a public URL outside of the API that enabled this?

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          Ryan Rutan

          If projects are placed in a public group, you can achieve this, but if you have authentication required for your Jive instance, then this will trickle down to the project as well.  To get the data public, you will need to use a service user.


          I would recommend though to take a look at our task management solution for Producteev.

          Producteev by Jive - Task management for teams

          There is an extensive API that allows you to do this level of display:

          Producteev Developers


          It has been proven at building solutions like this.  Hope this helps. =)