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    Attachments and Jive for Outlook Convert to Discussion

    John Schwiller

      Whilst this is caused by the inability of Jive to support attachments on a reply, it's worth describing the problem to see if there's a way of clarifying the display.


      I just replied by email to a thread with about 6 posts - almost all from non-Jive users including a customer. My reply had a PPT attachment.


      After sending the email reply I went back to it and did a convert to discussion. This created the expected threaded discussion, however:


      - The root post is the oldest item but shows the attachment - which is a bit confusing as the poster didn't generate the attachment.

      - The last post (mine) says "attached", I typed that in my reply, but of course a viewer has to scroll to the root post to see it.


      Short of changing Jive so a reply can have an attachment, perhaps:


      a) the attachment graphic could have a link to the post that it came from?

      b) the post the attachment 'came from' could have a text note saying the attachment is on the root.


      These would be workarounds to make it easier for viewers to understand what's happened before.


      Mor Avital  Clara Liang