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    UI Language Translation RoadMap + Locale Feature Request?

    Ryan Rutan

      I was wondering what your UI Translation Roadmap is for 2008/2009.  If possible, I'd like to put a request in for a German translation made available sometime this year.  I am aware of a Spanish translations which were released a few releases ago.


      Any insight you can provide on this would be greatly appreciated.




      In addition, just wanted to ask whether or not there was a mechanism (at first glance) to allow us to customize the Locale handed off to ClearspaceX to perform these translations.  We have a order of precedence for Locale where we'd like to interject a preference above that of the Browser Locale...and hence would need a hook to "override" this...and was wondering if you guys made a special hook for that.....was available inherently, and/or we'd have to customize a class to achieve this desired functionality.  Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated. =)