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    Draft Blog - Need to forward it to editor


      JIVE 5.0.  Have a blogger who wants to forward his blog (Bob) to another internal (Karen) for editing before releasing it to a global audience (external).   


      • Clicking on the link to the blog, I can see the blog with a note: "This blog post has not been published nor is it scheduled to be published".  In addition, I have "Edit capability" (I am the admin)
      • Karen clicks on the link and cannot the blog and receives the error note: "Not Found - The item does not exist.  It may have been deleted"
      • I checked Bob's privileges to mimic them with Karen, however, Bob does not have any special privileges.
      • I changed permissions for Karen in Blog permission to (everything) View blog, create blog, comment, create attachments and insert images.
      • This yielded no results.
      • I was able to forward a PDF to Karen from Bob's blog and she is using this as an interim, however, this is less than optimal.
      • I have just changed her in System admin to temporary "Moderate content". and am awaiting her follow up.


      Does anyone know how the editor (Karen) can edit the author's (Bob) draft blog?










      Bob sent me the link and as I can see his content.

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          If Bob has a personal blog, he cannot share ownership (or editing rights) with any other users (except for system admins who can view any content). In this case, I believe you will need to convert his personal blog (Bob's Blog) to a system blog (Bob's New Blog) and then enable Karen to be a co-editor of the system blog. So long as Bob starts the blog post and gives the draft a proper title, Karen can edit and there will be no obvious record that Karen has made edits. I learned the hard way that blog titles are hard to change since they are included in the URL.


          To have co-editors on a blog, you will need to create a system blog for Bob and then move all past personal blog posts to that new system blog.


          Otherwise, you go "old school" and collaborate on a document and then have Bob post the finished product.


          Anyone else have other ideas?