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    Communities Project - Data mapping for MEMBER in JIVE_ANALYTICS schema (Jive7)


      Hi Jive Team, Josh Richau


      I am part of MyOracleSupport (MOS) Analytics team, working on data mapping for Communities project.

      We are mapping our business requirements to JIVE_ANALYTICS schema in Jive7 (http://docs.jivesoftware.com/schemas/7_0/analytics/).


      Can you please help us confirm/find the following mappings?


      1) MEMBER

      1.1) COUNTRY : we need to find the country for a user.

      Can you please confirm if we can use the following query ?


      select p.VALUE

      from jive_analytics.jivedw_profilefield pf, jive_analytics.jivedw_userprofile p

      where upper(pf.name) ='LOCATION'

      and pf.field_id = p.field_id

      and p.userid = <userid>;


      Does the value for 'LOCATION' represent the Country / City / Something else?

      I've seen the values only on Jive 7 dev environment, and I want to make sure.


      1.2) FULL NAME : the full name of a user can be found in jivedw_user table, name column?

      Does this column contain the full name of a user? Or we have to obtain it based on "First Name" and "Last Name" columns ? (concatenate) ?


      Thank you,