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    What would you like to see covered on the agenda?

    Dennis Pearce

      This is a brand new user group so I would like to get to know everyone and see what topics you would be most interested in hearing about.  As for me, my name is Dennis Pearce and I'm a community manager for our internal Jive implementation at Lexmark.  We've had Jive for about 2 years in a hosted environment (currently Jive 6) and are getting ready to move to the cloud with our next upgrade.  I'm very interested in how others are using Jive internally and also if anyone is integrating internal and external environments in any way.


      For this meeting, there are a number of directions we can go.  Are you interested in:


      • Jive features?
      • Jive's strategy and roadmap?
      • Customer use cases?
      • Internal or external focus?
      • Integrations with other applications?
      • Culture change and Working Out Loud?  (Bryce )
      • Something completely different?


      Please use this discussion to introduce yourself and let us know what your interests are.