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    All of my tasks disappeared?!?

      The strangest thing just happened.  I clicked the new "Special Offer" link the top right of my interface.  When I reloaded my interface, all of my tasks disappeared (hundreds) expect these three from months ago.  Now, if all of them went away, that would make more sense to me...but why did these three remain??


      Screen shot 2014-03-26 at 1.08.36 PM.png

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          Hey Josh -


          I don't see anything wrong with this account, nor can I replicate what you're seeing. Are you able to refresh your tasks to retrieve all tasks?


          This is definitely strange.



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              I reloaded the page several times.  So, I just tried Producteev in Google Chrome (I'm a Firefox user), and everything worked fine.  So that told me its definitely a browser issue.  Before I cleared my cache, I tried logging out from Producteev and signing back in (something I never do).  Much to my pleasure, everything was back to normal.


              Thank you for confirming that my account was okay...at lease that told me that the problem was on my end.  Very strange way to misbehave though...