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    How do I get a list of all spaces and subspaces AND their administrators, and groups and group owners?


      I need to reach out to all space admins and group owners.

      I haven't found a way to get a report of all spaces and their sub-spaces, with the space admin name.  And a report of all groups and group owners (although I did come up with a sql for that).






      PS - the SQL for group owners.


      SELECT jiveuser.email, jivesgroup.groupid, jivesgroup.name, jivesgroup.displayname, jivesgroup.grouptype FROM jivesgroup , jiveuser , jivesgroupmember WHERE jivesgroup.userid = jiveuser.userid AND jivesgroup.groupid = jivesgroupmember.groupid AND jivesgroupmember.memberType=0 GROUP BY jivesgroup.groupid, jivesgroup.name, jivesgroup.grouptype, jivesgroup.userid, jiveuser.userid, jiveuser.username;