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    Connecting Users/Sharing Profiles

    Kate Bellard

      An employee asked me if there was a best practice for connecting users. Currently, he is creating direct messages or discussions and @mentioning the users he is wanting to introduce to each other, but he wishes there was a share button on a user's profile. I can't think of anything besides what he is already doing by @mentioning, but I thought it was a good idea to help take out of the step of users searching on their own and connecting.


      Has anyone else had this idea? Are there best practices?

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          Interesting, it would be nice to have a better way or if you could have an option to click Connect in a user's profile and for example make suggested connections for new users, then each could decide to take action from there.  I would guess though you would have to be careful if you use Share because depending on permissions you may have to have each user be following each other before you could Share (if it worked the same as sharing content for example).


          I'm interested in others comments and maybe this could turn into a good idea to pursue for a future release.