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    The new pricing more than double my last bill


      Last bill my company paid, for one year of support, was $462, last year. By introducing your new pricing policy, you largely more than double our bill to potentially $1089 !!!

      We were early paying adopter of Producteev, and now, you want to ban us from the support ? that is not really fair.

      BTW, Who cares about outlook ?

        • Re: The new pricing more than double my last bill

          Hi Pascal,


          We’re sorry to hear you feel the new Premium plans are unfair. To clarify, free users are in no way being banned from Producteev support. The current “Producteev by Jive Community “ that allows you to post questions, read FAQ’s, vote on new features, etc., is staying the same.


          We are aware that not every Producteev user is interested in Outlook integration, which is why we made it an Enterprise Grade add on option.  Personalized support, as you noted, is also available with this Premium plan. The difference between that and the free support community is that with personalized support, users can fill out a “contact us” form and receive a direct message back.


          Hope that helps. If you have other questions or concerns please let us know.



          The Producteev Team