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    Social Group Leaderboards


      Have two questions concerning leaderboards in social groups-


      1.) I built a prototype social group and had some colleagues populate data as to make it look like it was active, however, I now want to "reset" the leaderboard to 0 for everyone.


      2.) The other question I have is how do I make it so that the social group has its own set of points? Currently the group is private so it is only showing the 4-5 people that are members on the leaderboard, but longterm we might want to make it open but still only show points from activity in the social group on the leaderboard. Is this what points categories are for? The problem with this is we already have a set of repeatable missions that earn points.




      Current Repeatable Missions-

      Post an Idea - 50 Points

      Comment on Post - 20 Points


      What we want to have for the specific social group-

      Post an Idea - 200 Points

      Comment on Idea - 100 Points


      So you can see how these may conflict.


      Any insight would be appreciated.



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          It looks like I may have found the solution to at least one of these problems. In the Leaderboard widget you can choose the place to show points from, which is great. How exactly does this work though? Will it show any and all points that someone has earned from the specific group?


          There is another option in the widget for "Leaderboard Start Time." This would be ideal if I could just say start the leaderboard on April 5th 2014 and it be empty until then. The problem is when I set a date it doesn't clear it out, all of the existing points/leaders are still there. Is there a way to use this effectively?

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              That particular widget has given me some issues, at least in a cloud instance. Are you hosted, Tyler Bolchoz ? Maybe Curtis Gross can give some tips with that rather-wonky widget. J

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                Few tips:

                • Points: At this time you can only have 1 point category for a community with the gamification module.  You can create separate missions for a space and reward more / less - and it will reflect that in the widget, but the users will also get those points added to the overall leaderboard.  To leverage other point categories means working with bunchball to get full access to their APIs.  Then you could show... maybe points from some custom tool or something.
                • Start date:  This should reset / only show points from the time stated.  Let me know if this aspect is not working, it may take a little bit to build out the new leaderboard - and it may only kick in when you remove the old leaderboard, add the new one, and the time is hit.