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    Jive 7 categories


      Simple question, perhaps not such an easy answer.


      Assuming the following hierarchy of spaces:


      Root Space

      Top Tier 1 Space

      Tier 1 Space

      Tier 1 Sub-Space

      Tier 1 Sub-Space

      Top Tier 2 Space

      Tier 2 Space

      Tier 2 Sub-Space

      Tier 2 Sub-Space



      Is there any way to setup categories so that Tier 1 Space (which only has polls) can have a category widget that will show content objects in its sub-spaces? As it stands out of the box, it is not possible as the category is restricted to each specific space. It would be ideal if a category created in the Tier 1 Space could be applied to all of it's child sub-spaces. The category widget could then be displayed in the Tier 1 Space enabling users to see all content types for all its sub-spaces.


      This is pretty much the same thing as just setting up tags and watching them at the Tier 1 Space, but more formal and more structured.