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    Experience with Centric Jive Analytics Solution




        Has anyone had experience with Centrics QlikView Jive analytics solution: The specified item was not found..  Interested in pros and cons, especially ease of implementation.




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          Hi Tyler,


          We have been using Qlikview/Centrics for about a year and I absolutely love it, it has been worth every penny and more. We are on Jive 5 and doing a massive cleanup effort and there would be absolutely no way to do it without it. I can't speak to any improvements in reporting in newer versions of Jive. Basically if it's available in the application or analytics databases you can report on it. Things we could never report within Jive such as members of a permission group, lengths of videos, a complete list of spaces and groups, spaces and projects with their associated URLs and admins, all the documents and their size and location, various activities within a certain time period, so on. Everything is easily exportable to Excel and easy to analyze from there. One of our biggest pain points resolved with Qlikview was taking out things that have been deleted. In Jive CR, object counts are typically creation numbers, but if they get deleted, it doesn't get subtracted out, but they can be excluded in Qlikview.


          Qlikview itself once its set up is pretty straightforward. And I have to say Centric has been one of the best vendors I have ever dealt with. They have always been super responsive and quick to fix any issues we have, usually having to do with quirks in the Jive data. They were able to accommodate some of our special requests


          Here are my negatives:

          We didn't do a SAAS version because it wasn't worth the cost to us vs. the # people needing access, so essentially it's one license on one laptop. I would be nice if the hosted solution was more cost effective so I don't have to be the only person running reports.


          We have to download our databases and run them in Qlikview, since we have such a large and old community, these files are quite large that it needs to be run overnight. The data isn't in real time, I think Jive only updates the files every week and due to the size of our files, we only run them every 2 weeks.


          There is no built in report scheduling. I believe there is an add on for this, but only in the hosted solution and it was pretty costly.


          Let me know if there is anything else I can answer for you.