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    Sending a link to a group in email with "join" scripting embedded?


      Keep in mind, I'm not a techie or a sys-admin or anything like that. I use our Jive platform quite a bit in a functional capacity and I'm curious whether this is possible.


      While I tend to avoid pushing email in favor of collaboration on our Jive instance, the truth is sometimes I must use email to draw people into our Jive groups.  For example, if we're doing a system upgrade on our e-Procurement tool, we send a notification via email about what is changing and all that sort of information.


      The email will link them back to our e-Procurement group on Jive.  What I want is for that link to say "Click here to read more and join our group!" and have the embedded URL contain scripting that takes them to the group and also "joins" them (or has them follow??).


      Is that possible? Has anyone done that?  How hard is it and what kind of skill-person would I need to ask for help in that respect?


      Thanks for any input!