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    Bug with repeating tasks


      When a repeating task becomes over due (late), seems that some random hours later Producteev is automatically updating it's due date to the next due date. And he logs as if I had done this change, which I am absolutely sure I didn't. I had this problem with many of my tasks. First I was very happy that my Late task list was shrinking fast, but soon I realized what was going on really and now I am lost having to look up on each task to see if it is correctly scheaduled... I noticed it today, but maybe this problem has initiated like a few days ago. Never seen this behavior before. Producteev, you behaved bad today

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          I too have this error.  I even created a test task that repeats. Without completing the task, the deadline came and went, and the task automatically skipped to the next scheduled repeat date without informing me that I had an overdue task.  This is no good and will make producteev unusable for fear of missing important repeat tasks.



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            I can confirm this is an error.  Makes repeating tasks fairly useless and dangerous as it means some tasks can be forgotten.  I have had to turn them off and just manually repeat them as needed.