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    Jive spotlight search embedded into an external site


      Is there a way to have a text box in a form on an external site that will render the top 5 results from Jive when text is entered?  The use case is a web form that customers will fill out to open a support ticket, and the problem description would be used to render the top 5 results from Jive in an attempt to deflect a case.   If anyone has done this and can share any code, advice, or tips it would be greatly appreciated. 



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          We have but it is the simple and extremely de-coupled version.  Frankly I like it but it assumes that first most or at least all the content you want to search is already anonymously available.  At a minimum the content if not available anonymously would have to have a flat permission like all registered users can read it.

          The external search is simply then crawling our site.  We did create a crawling page that gives a simple version of the threads so that the crawler didn't have to work very hard.  We did that page in a plugin.

          But this doesn't use Jive's search and I think that is what you are trying to do.

          The /search rest api will allow you to execute and return but you will either have to pass credentials or use a single account and that gets back to the assumptions above about content visibility.

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              Kevin is correct.  Unless you are running an external community (which I think you are Matt), you will have to ensure that this is publicly accessible.  Fetching this information would be similar to OpenSearch, if not that exactly.

              Check out this file:


              and specifically:

              <Url type="application/atom+xml" template="https://<YOUR_JIVE_INSTANCE>/community/feeds/search/atom?peopleEnabled=true&q={searchTerms}&Submit=Search"/>

              <Url type="application/rss+xml" template="https://<YOUR_JIVE_INSTANCE>/community/feeds/search/rss2?peopleEnabled=true&q={searchTerms}&Submit=Search"/>

              either of these feeds should allow you to get an RSS feed from a Jive that is a search result...and you could probably fiddle with parameters to get it even more refined to spaces etc... but this should be able to be consumed via JS if the content is public and then you can display accordingly.


              Hope that helps,


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