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    Link shorteners not working anymore in MSN documents?


      Hi everyone -- we know there's an MSN bug that prevents us from hyperlinking directly to any content in our Jive instance from an MSN document (Word, Excel, etc.) To get around that, we've always suggested users use Google Docs or PDF their documents or use link shorteners like bit.ly or goo.gl. Recently, we had a couple users attempt to use link shorteners (goo.gl) and it did not work -- we have verified the shortened links are valid, but users still get sent back to the last page in our Jive instance that they accessed (which was the initial problem). I've replicated the error with bit.ly as well.


      Are other people still successfully using link shorteners? Any suggestions for users who want to preserve the formatting in a Word doc and who don't want to use a PDF? (We are on 5.X although we are about to upgrade to 7.)