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    Get discussions from jive home page


      Is there a way to get all discussions frome jive home page using rest 3 api?We know how to get content from a place by passing on a place id. But not sure how to get from home space. Can some one please help?

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          Haven't tried this myself, but you can try using the root community and that should work.  For example, you should be able to use the /places services to confirm the placeID for the Root Community, it should be 1 in most cases:



          Check the output for the id="x" value, and use "x" in your queries.


          Note:  I'm assuming that when you say "home page" you are meaning the root community.  By default, when not passing in a placeID, the system will show all places ... which might also be the same thing.  Just giving you the above option in the event it yields different results.


          Hope this helps.