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    Is anyone powering their Partner Portal through Jive?


      Hi, there! I'm a new community manager (though I have 14+ years in content/knowledge management), and our Channel Marketing and Sales teams are looking not just to create a Partner Community, but to move our Partner Portal front-end into Jive.


      Is anyone currently using Jive for their Partner Portal willing to share a their experiences, screenshots, or maybe even a demo? I imagine there are a lot more possibilities out there than I can think of from the content management point of few.

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          Hi Carlota Sage!


          Let me have Billy Volpone share some links of Jive partner portals. (I'll also ping him internally)

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                Billy Volpone

                Hi Carlota,


                Great question. We currently have many clients that leverage JiveX for their partner portal needs. The use cases often reflect that of internal sales enablement. Partners need a central and dedicated area to both initially train and get ongoing enablement for evolving needs and resources. These exchanges should be very easy and open and lead to a more highly skilled partner channel to drive additional revenue for your brand. All of this active engagement and additional resources should help retain partners longer overall.


                These are just a few of the top use cases; there are plenty more to hone in on as well depend on how your own partners work with your team. One of the biggest items to call out though is that most clients don't launch a separate community for partners. They leverage Jive permissioning/groups to offer up dedicated partner areas that address these needs within the existing customer community. This is not required of course, just an option. Most of the partner sites (or community areas) are behind a login though, so it's not always something we can publicly link to.


                I'd still love any of our other JiveX users to chime in regarding partner use cases, but let me know if you'd like to dive a bit deeper around this live as well.

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                    We are currently exploring using a portion of our client community for our partners as well - keeping it somewhat separate by using permissions. I'm wondering if it is best to setup a space for all partners where our partner manager can add content that would apply across all partners and then create sub-spaces for each individual partner, only allowing those who are from that partner to view/contribute.


                    Would you recommend using spaces and setting up permissions OR creating secret social groups and inviting partners into their respective secret group?


                    Side question - will other members of the community see that there is a partner space IF they are NOT in the permission group?



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                        Hi Colette,


                        We are just building this out now!  Our structure is this:


                        Parent: Partner space - visible to everyone - including externals - basic

                        details on why we care about our partners, why we have partners, what they

                        do for us, how to join the program etc


                        >Consulting partners space - only for specific internal people and approved

                        partners: lots of cross-partner resources, selling, deploying etc (non

                        members cannot get in, and we articulate that this is specifically for

                        X,Y,Z audiences carefully)


                        >Coming soon - private partner deal rooms - not sure how we will build that

                        out, but it will be specific to the partner org.


                        They do have visibility and permissions in the other public areas of the

                        community, specific to space, and when we onboard them to community access

                        we carefully relay guidelines on interactions with customers (IE no

                        recruiting clients or advertising primarily) These are also available in

                        the consulting partner space.


                        Also, since we have no identity management system or SSO - we have to

                        moderate these users carefully - by approving them and then adding them

                        manually to the Consulting Partner Permissions Group. Sigh.


                        This is all stuff we've been working on in the past few weeks.  Hope that's

                        helpful, I'd love to hear what you are planning and which way to end up







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                            Thank you Deirdre for the input! I am working in our test environment now on how to layout everything out. Once I have it all finalized, I will post back.


                            Do you know if other members can see that the space exists IF they are not apart of the permission group?


                            Also - it sounds like we have a very similar setup - we do the same with approving membership and then manually adding...sigh!

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                                Billy Volpone

                                Sorry for my delay Colette, I was out for 2 weeks on paternity leave. Really happy to see that Deirdre chimed in though.


                                As for permissioning, spaces or groups can both work, it just depends on if you want a flat or hierarchical structure. If you create a secret group or permission of a space/sub-space, no one except those allowed to see that content will. In fact, depending on how you set it up, other users don't even need to see that the group or space exists at all. Search results will also reflect any given user's permission level and only show what they are allowed to see. Hope this helps. 

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                      Hi Carota,

                      There are many clients using us for their partner community / portal.  Here are a few examples from Jive World:

                      Toshiba's XChange for Dealers: Evolve Corporate Sales Training into Just-in-Time Experiential Learning

                      Dish Network: Driving Higher Revenue, Mindshare, and Satisfaction Through An Indirect Sales Channel


                      There are a lot of use cases to your point.  Some of the ones we see clients implementing are:

                      Partner Enablement / Portal

                      • Serve up content to channel partners via web and a partner mobile app (online or off)
                      • Drive targeted channel newsletters, communications, announcements, and alerts.
                      • Easily connect partner systems in one unified mobile experience with integrations and SSO.

                      Partner Collaboration

                      • Collaborate with partner marketing and executive teams on partner programs / campaigns.
                      • Drive opportunities and manage accounts with deal rooms.
                      • Support partners via answers and cases with CRM integration.
                      • Create channel leadership councils to gain feedback and drive improvement in overall program.

                      Channel Performance / Training

                      • On board partners faster and at lower cost with training and coaching.
                      • Incent behaviors and drive mindshare with channel gamification.
                      • Monitor content effectiveness with impact metrics and value with Jive Business Analytics .