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      I'm having issues with notifications being sent to my email addresses on file, and even my galaxy S3. I've searched through the posts and haven't been able to find a resolution.


      I set up a few "test" tasks and reminders because it's been an ongoing issue, but didn't receive the reminders as scheduled. I've double and triple checked the notification settings, time zone (which I thought may be the culprit), spam or junk filters, and added the no-reply@producteev.com to my "safe senders" lists. I'm at a loss at what to do.


      I set up and received notifications from last night, but I received them 2 hours late (like it was set to PST instead of CST). Are there system limitations with using custom times (i.e. instead of 12pm entering 12:05pm)? Is there some sort of queue that requires a certain amount of time before notifications are sent?



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          Hi Joey -


          I checked in with the developers, and it seems there was a bug with tasks created on Monday(ish) this week. It set the notification timezone independent of the task timezone. This should be fixed, but only with newly created tasks.


          Apologies for the inconvenience.