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    Problem with skin-advanced.jspa upload and slow navigation in the community.




      Lately i've been uploading several theme.zip in the skin-advanced.jspa and never had any problem at all.


      1) select file.

      2) upload. 20-25seconds waiting

      3) publish - window goes to skin-advanced-confirmation.jspa where i can see the files that changed

      4) confirm 20-25 seconds waiting

      5) all done.




      Today this happened:


      1) select file

      2) upload 2-3 mins waiting

      3) publish - window goes to skin-advanced-confimation.jspa where i can see the files that changed

      4) confirm 2-3 mins waiting

      5) error window

      Schermata 2014-04-07 alle 14.33.14.png



      also the navigation inside the community got really slow.


      yesterday : 1 second

      today : 4-5 seconds to navigate different areas



      i also had jive.pageCache.enabled = false if this matter in any way


      i read some topics in this forum and discovered it may be a problem of 100% resource used and a restart could fix it.

      If it's so please go on and do it :-)





      also i would like to receive a reply to this thread : Jive essential has http://nameofcommunity.jiveon.com/skin-advanced.jspa ?

      Thanks !