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    What happens if I delete a network


      Just signed up for Producteev with my company URL.   When I joined, was automatically put into someone else's Network.  I don't want to be in their network.  So when I selected their network, I saw I had the ability to "delete the network".  The dialog was quite "severe".  It's banner said "please read the following and proceed carefully."   The rest of the dialog is below.


      MY QUESTION:  If I delete this network, am I deleting it for ME?  or will I end up deleting the entire network for this guy I don't know?




      Delete NAME Network network?

      Please read the following and proceed carefully.

      You are about to delete the "NAME Network" network and all related projects, tasks, labels and comments. This operation cannot be undone.


      Please type the case-sensitive name of the network to confirm:


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          Hi David,


          That's a great question.  I would recommend moving this to the Producteev space to get the best answer.

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            Hi David.


            Since you're not an admin of that network, you cannot delete the network.


            However, It looks to me, that you want to leave the network that you're currently in. One of Producteev's features is that when a network is created for a company, members with the same email domain are automatically assigned to the same network. This allows companies to build their networks quicker.


            To leave that network, all you have to do is find your name in the "People" section, select the gear icon, then "Leave Network" (As shown).


            Hope this helps!



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                Actually Nick if it said "Leave Network" it would have made sense to me and I would have done it.  But in fact it shows a trashcan, and when I hover it says "Delete Network".  When I press delete network it gives me a pretty nasty warning dialog that asks me to type in the name of the network.  Looks very much like I have the ability to delete.


                Can someone from Producteev please contact me.  I work at Intel, am interested in possibly using this solution, but was automatically added to someone else's network when I jointed with my intel email.