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    Struggling to find success with Gamification module for internal business


      Recently, I have been crafting ways to implement Gamification on some of our internal business groups. Similar to Ted's post, I was looking to see if I could find some tangible real-world examples of Gamification making an impact on internal business groups. I am now starting to realize that I can't really say for sure that any of the pilots I have in place, or pilots I have planned, will work. From the successes I have seen like T-Mobile and SAP I think that they may have worked well in those scenarios, but I struggle to see how I can leverage the module for our internal business goals and see similar success. I am now thinking that the Gamification module was simply not designed for the scenarios I am looking to tackle. Which is OK, but I want to exhaust all options and get some insights from others who may be trying to achieve similar goals.


      In the examples I have found they seem focused mostly around engagement at the community level and usually designed for external-facing communities, but I am looking for ways to make in impact with business units like internal call centers, back-end processing, compliance groups, etc. Of which, not everyone is using Jive for their day-to-day operations. That's not to say that Jive isn't used at all, but in most cases its auxiliary to their line of business systems.


      I have worked with professional services to help craft a playbook and get a technical understanding of the Module, but I still have the impression that what I am doing isn't the right way to go. At least based on the current Gamification module. Given the constraints I am working with, one of the options I have focused on is creating sets of missions/badges per business unit. This isn't exactly a full program, but it's at least using elements of gamification to pilot these new concepts. In doing it this way, I have ran into a few things that strike me as poorly designed/implemented-


      • Giving out badges manually is a cumbersome process. I create the mission/badge and configure it so it won't be triggered automatically, which is fine. But handing it over so that someone else can manage and assign the badges is where it gets tricky. I have to give them FULL access to manage Gamification console, a quick tutorial of using the console, and a .csv file so they can lookup JiveIDs. I am uneasy about giving out full access especially when the Console UI is confusing and unintuitive.
      • Having missions/badges based on specific places is another pain point. While it is possible to setup missions/badges to only be awarded for an action within a group, there are a few gotchas: a.) if you do "hide until earned" the badges won't show up for the specific group in the missions widget (so as a workaround you can use Formatted Text and manually list them out, but this adds more overhead) b.) if you set the badge as active and don't "hide until earned" the badges show up on EVERYONES profile. The problem with this is the badges are only relevant to a few people and for the other 99% it's a greyed-out badge on their profile which they cannot earn.
      • Edge cases have me worried. In one instance, we are able to have the badge awarded automatically because it simply requires a blog post to be added in a group. However, we recently had someone accidentally post to their personal blog instead of the place. We helped her move it over, but she did not get credit or the badge. Not a huge issue, but I fear there are more edge cases like this that could cause confusion/issues.


      Hopefully this makes sense. If anyone has been trying to figure out similar use cases as me, I would love to hear what you have done. As well, if anyone could point me to some solid successes of the gamification module being used for internal business objectives that would be awesome.



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          I am looking for this info as well, Tbolt. Our cases are not exact clones as far as situation, but they do mirror one another very closely. The tool is extremely limited with the breaks (we need a ton of metadata-related triggers, and most of what we want our users to do either doesn't have triggers or doesn't have specific triggers--and there is currently a bug related to our bread-and-butter specific trigger -- threads). Internal communities have needs that differ very greatly from external-facing ones who are most likely pretty happy with the basic triggers vs. the specific ones. Our platforms are monstrous as far as permissions levels, space hierarchy, etc.


          I am looking for people who have made the switch to full gamification packages and have come up pretty much empty-handed so far. Anyone who can help, please comment on: Has anyone moved from the Advanced Gamification Module to the full version of BunchBall? We have been hoping the Advanced Gamification Module could work out for us, but I'm just not sure it has the chops.