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    Deleting a Network.  Help! Am I going to screw someone else up?

      Just signed up for Producteev with my company URL.   When I joined, was automatically put into someone else's Network.  I don't want to be in their network.  So when I selected their network, I saw I had the ability to "delete the network".  The dialog was quite "severe".  It's banner said "please read the following and proceed carefully."   The rest of the dialog is below.


      MY QUESTION:  If I delete this network, am I deleting it for ME?  or will I end up deleting the entire network for this guy I don't know?




      Delete NAME Network network?

      Please read the following and proceed carefully.

      You are about to delete the "NAME Network" network and all related projects, tasks, labels and comments. This operation cannot be undone.