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    "...could not be updated in database" when installing app to sandbox

    matthull Novice

      I'm getting the following error when trying to install our in-development app to the sandbox after uploading to dev center:

      Object AppImpl{id=1920, internalName=TechValidate, appUUID=ddddd192-7f5c-4b46-812f-2133d00d7cc7, appPath=techvalidatev6, systemLicenseURL=http://apphosting.jivesoftware.com/apps/releases/techvalidatev6/v4/app.xml, developerApp=true, gadgetHash=null, refreshState=NEVER, extensionUUID=null, installType=null} could not be updated in the database.


      I found a similar issue posted here: Jive Apps Developer Community: Database error when installing Jive app...

      As suggested in that thread, made sure there was no whitespace in my app URL.


      I am able to successfully install the app to sandbox from the following locations:

      Hosted on our server: http://jive.techvalidate.com/app_v6/app.xml

      Old version hosted by Jive: http://apphosting.jivesoftware.com/apps/releases/techvalidatev6/v1/app.xml


      I get the same error when installing from any of the uploaded versions after v1:






      Anyone have advice on how to resolve? Not a huge issue since we can host on our server for testing, but would be nice to test against the uploaded code.