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    Pasting Word into wiki in Clearspace 1.10.4


      Hi,  We've just made a big upgrade from 1.3 to 1.10.4.



      One problem that our users are reporting already is that Word documents paste into wikis even worse than before. Our users understand that much fancy formatting will not be retained, but the results we're getting now are virtually un-usable.



      The biggest issues we've seen are the insertion of line breaks:


      • In bulleted lists, the line breaks after the first word

      • Other line breaks appear through the document.

      • No indenting of 'sub-bullets'

      • And of course, lots of blank lines



      Pasting into plain text works a little better for some documents, but the bullets appear as "?" and there doesn't seem to be a find+replace mechanism to fix them as a group.



      I was wondering if it could have something to do with the filters (html, word to wiki, etc.), because I vaguely remember working with those back in 1.2



      Any help, workarounds, suggestions greatly appreciated!

























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          Not sure if it would make it better or worse but you could save as text-only in Word, close and reopen the document then try cutting and pasting into Clearspace.


          Good luck,


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            Hi Jeff,



            Word to Clearspace support is always at the top of our minds and we're working to make it a better experience in future versions. Have you tried saving the document as a webpage and copying and pasting that? It should alleviate some of the problems you're facing. I'll continue to look for workarounds and keep you updated.









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                Thanks for the suggestions.   Whether I paste into Rich Text from .doc, .txt, .rft., .xml or .html a bulleted list still looks like:


                • Pasting this bulleted list into Rich Text


                Brings this result:


                • Pasting

                this bulleted list into Rich



                So I tried pasting into Plain Text instead. It replaces the bullets with asterisks, which doesn't seem like too big a deal. But if a user clicks "edit document" the Rich Text editor appears and turns all the asterisks to Question Marks. In Plain Text mode, they still show as Question Marks.


                * This is a bulleted list


                ? This is a bulleted list


                Therefore if a user wants to past a document from word that includes a bulleted list, they will have to touch every single line that has a bullet in order to get it to display with bullets.


                We're confused why this worked in 1.3 but not in 1.10.4.


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                  Is there any way to revert to the wiki editor in version 1.3 that worked correctly?






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                    Hi there,



                    Within my company we are trialing Clearspace 2.5.1 at the moment and I am liking what I see so far.


                    But there is one thing that I find quite a barrier and this thread talks about it.


                    We have a lot of content today that is authored in Microsoft Office 2007 docs and even more sitting in email.


                    That means there is a lot of content that is sitting in Office format. In moving the company over to a tool like Clearspace we will need to repurpose a lot of this content. Notably using it to build the initial content base, to seed the system and rapidly demonstrate the value to employees.


                    It is easy to upload documents as attachments, no problem there, and that is what will be primarily used for things like Powerpoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, etc.


                    But for Word documents although some are “definitive finished docs” and can just sit as attachments, many others would be a lot more useful as collaborative Clearspace docs (wiki style).


                    Here are some Use Cases:

                    • Take an existing Word doc and turn it into a Clearspace document (wiki style) to allow for collaborative editing
                    • Take useful content from an email conversation thread and turn it into a Clearspace blog posting or a Clearspace wiki document



                    In both these cases the most natural way to get this content into Clearspace is to use copy/paste from Word into the Clearspace Rich Text Editor. That is what a casual user will immediately try. But the results will be disastrous and lead to a poor initial experience with Clearspace.


                    When doing a copy/paste there are numerous problems:


                    Simple formatting in the source document (things like fonts, indentation, ordered and unordered lists) are not properly carried over

                    It is normal and understandable that Clearspace only supports a limited range of web-centric fonts online.


                    But why cannot a simple thing like a bullet point list come over correctly with a Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V? Right now bullet points are converted, in the editor view, into “·       ” where the bullet is no longer markup, but is replaced with an actual bullet character and a bunch of trailing spaces.


                    Similarly an ordered/numbered list loses its markup/formatting and is changed into “1.    ”, i.e., the characters “1.” plus a bunch of spaces. So then adding a new item to the list in Clearspace no longer updates the numbers in the list appropriately.


                    Rich Text Editor is not WYSIWYG

                    Continuing from the previous point, when the document is actually saved from the editor even this minimal formatting (the bullet/number characters and the trailing spaces) disappear entirely, and all one is left with is a bunch of lines of text with carriage returns!


                    One expects the Clearspace editor to be WYSIWYG but it is not, particularly when editing involves pasting content in from other sources.


                    Inability to paste images into documents

                    Copy paste of text+images or images alone into a Clearspace doc does not work at all.


                    Worse, sometimes it appears to work (i.e., a frame is reserved for the image, but the SRC attribute on the IMG tag is incorrect and the image is never uploaded to the server).


                    This makes it very cumbersome to upload images into the system: first embedded images in a doc or email have to be saved to the user’s local disk, then they have to be uploaded into the Clearspace editor one by one, then they have to be placed into the document and their alignment tweaked to get the text to flow around the as desired.


                    This is a huge barrier to creating pretty documents. I was hoping a tool like Clearspace would have solved this problem since the difficulty with adding images to wiki pages was one of my major complaints against MediaWiki.


                    No dedicated tool to convert Word docs to Clearspace documents

                    One way around this copy/paste limitation would be to have a dedicated tool/plugin that would allow one to upload a Word doc and have it converted into a Clearspace doc. But I cannot see such a tool available in Clearspace. I believe some competitive platforms to Clearspace do offer this feature.




                    I know that solving this issue is a hard nut to crack, groking Microsoft Office file formats and clipboard interpretation cannot be an easy job. But I'd like to know whether there is a solution on the horizon short term (2.5.2?) or longer term.