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    REST Webhook API not returning "jive:user_profile_modified" for "user_account" hooked event



        I hooked into the REST API to listen for the user_account events specifically watching to see if I could capture the jive:user_profile_modified verb. I was able to successfully hook, and could see events for jive:user_account_created, jive:user_account_deleted and jive:user_account_disabled (i didn't test for others), but when I tried to modify my profile(I tried all the fields in Edit Profile including photos), I never was able to see the jive:user_profile_modified verb return. I am curious if I am doing something wrong or misunderstanding when that specific verb is supposed to fire...


      function registerWebhook(bearerToken)


           var options =


                   Authorization: 'Bearer ' + bearerToken.access_token
              body: JSON.stringify({
                         callback: '',
                         events: 'user_account'
          request.post( '', options, function ( error, response, body ) { console.log(body); } )



      Any help is appreciated, thanks!