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    Display Wiki Doc on Space Page?


      Wondering if anyone can conceive of a way in which a wiki document could be displayed on the landing page of any given space.  Our users would like this because they'd like portions of their space page to be dynamic and editable by people in the community.  This is where the wiki page comes in.  Obviously we could just drop a formatted text widget container into the space and space admins could change it as needed, but we'd loose most of the advantages of the wiki doc and only admins could make changes.  Ideally, we'd like to be able to have a widget that could display the content of a doc right on a space's main page.  Anyone know of anything out of the box that can acomplish this?  Perhaps there's already been a plug-in developed for something like this? 



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          Great suggestion. We've actually been considering this as of late. The idea is to take the ability to customize a space/project/homepage to the next level by adding in additional places that content can come from.


          In the meantime you could probably write a pretty simple widget to make this happen. I figure it'd have one property -- the ID of the document to display. Only one gotcha to be aware of would be permissions: you'd need to code the widget to handle the case where the viewer of the content doesn't have permission to see it. Probably easy enough to just have a simple "you don't have permission to see this" message.