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    Producteev and Dropbox upload vs linking


      I was told on the Dropbox site "Producteev integrates Dropbox into its Web, Android and iOS apps to make it easy to link your Dropbox files..." So far it looks like it only supports file upload from Dropbox which is exactly what I don't want. Any Insight into this? I want Producteev to provide a link to the file in Dropbox, not to create a copy and upload it for users to download, edit, then have to reupload to dropbox.

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          Thanks for the feature request! Can you talk more about the use-case you're trying to accomplish? For example, would you want the file permissions in Dropbox mapped to who's able to work on the task somehow (something I'm not sure Dropbox enables yet). One use case I could see: a set of tasks around getting a press release approved.

          As a workaround for now, rather than using the "file upload from Dropbox feature", you may want to simply insert the link to the file as part of the task. You can get a link to individual files from the Dropbox web UI or desktop client: