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    How to mark 'assumed answered' thread back to a question on Jive 6 platform?



      Recently, we just upgraded our community to Jive 6 platform.  I encountered an issue and hope any of you can help me.  I was cleaning up all discussion threads in the community and have marked some threads 'assumed answered' especially with the ones that have been inactive for the past 2 months.  However, one the discussion threads starts active after it has been marked 'assumed answered'.  Therefore, I want to revert that discussion thread back to a question.  However, I couldn't find anywhere to do so.  I remember with Jive 5, all I need to do is to click the 'assumed answered' area again, then it would be back to the question, but somehow I couldn't with Jive 6.  Any ideas?  Or is this a Jive 6 bug??


      Thank you!