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    Put activity not in social news


      Hi all,
      We created custom object type with implement RecentActivityEnabledType for our jive6 application and want add custom activity to activity stream. But i can't do it and can't see any mistakes on logs files.


      So then i notice that gamification plugin has custon type NitroActivity and put in activity stream, but this activities are in SOCIAL NEWS section in activity stream.
      How can I do that this activities will be like single item in activity stream(for example creation of discussion).


      public class NitroActivityManagerImpl extends AbstractContentTypeManager<NitroActivity, ContentObjectResultFilter>

              implements NitroActivityManager, JiveObjectFactory<NitroActivity>


           public static final EntityDescriptor SOCIAL_NEWS = new EntityDescriptor(ActivityConstants.SOCIAL_NEWS, ActivityConstants.SOCIAL_NEWS);



          private Activity addActivity(NitroActivity nitroActivity) throws NitroActivityException {

              Activity activity = ActivityConverter.createActivity(nitroActivity, ActivityConstants.Type.promoted, nitroActivity.getUserID(), SOCIAL_NEWS);

              boolean success = activityManager.addActivity(activity);



      this EntityDesciptor used for activity.setParent which parent i need instead of SOCIAL_NEWS ?
      Thanks, Valery.
      Ryan Rutan