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    System blogs landing page conundrum




      Our 5 official company (system) blogs have a landing page that is a space in our community. We use this to link to the 5 system blogs, and pull in recent blog posts from the system blogs... or at least ideally this is what would happen.


      Space: Blogs | Qlik Community


      Because the blogs don't actually have anything to do with this space, other than being linked to, none of the widgets function as we would like. The closest one is the Recent Content widget, which allows us to filter content to just blog posts, but I cannot (as far as I know) specify system blogs (either individually or all of them) and as a result we get blog posts from groups in the community showing up alongside the system blog posts, which is undesirable. The other issue is the only sort for Recent Content is by latest activity, but we would strongly prefer by date posted (of the original posts, not comments).


      Have any of you ever tried or needed to aggregate content from just the system blogs (or a specific set of blogs) on a separate page in the community?


      What are you using for landing pages for system blogs?


      Thank you!

      Carlos Rodriguez