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    Include a customer header in email notifications


      Hello Jivers,


      Some of our users have been asking the following questions about organizing their Jive outlook notifications in folders.


      When following certain groups by e-mail, they are able to filter out the incoming mail notifications by creating Outlook rules based on subject text patterns e.g. all notifications which contain [X Group] go in their X group mail folder.

      However, "Reply marked as helpful on" type of notifications don't go anywhere as they don't follow the same notification Subject pattern.

      Are you aware of any recommended way of aggregating/organizing different e-mail notifications based on jive source?


      Can this functionality be extended to include a customer header in email notifications to specify the Jive source e.g. X-Jive-Source="Jive helpdesk". This is not the case today and proper notification filtering for items followed in the inbox seems to be hard to achieve.


      We are on Cloud.


      Thank you in advance for your feedback and suggestions!