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    Want to open a link on click of the Add-ons


      I have deployed an app as an add-on. So I have the corresponding APP ACTION (a link on the right hand side) for path="jive/actions/content/*"


      On click of this link, I do not want to open a view in a dialog box. Instead I want to make it point to a 'mailto' which will open up an email on my Outlook.


      How can I do this ?


      I tried specifying "url" in my action, but that didnt help. (OpenSocial Core Gadget Specification 2.5.1 DRAFT - set the "url" parameter according to this link)

      Below is my code -

        <Require feature="actions">

        <Param name="action-contributions">


        <action id="com.jivesoftware.report.content" path="jive/actions/content/*" label="Report content" url="mailto:xxx" icon="images/icon16.png" />





      I also tried specifying it in the content

      <Content type="url" view="home" href="mailto:xxx" preferred_height="200" />

      (Followed OpenSocial Core Gadget Specification 2.5.1 DRAFT)


      But nothing works.


      Ryan Rutan could you please help me with this.