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    Contest for User Adoption


      Any ideas in running a contest to encourage user, especially executive, adoption?

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          Max Ebnother

          Bumping this up. curious to hear what other people have been doing to drive adoption and encourage leadership among the executives. 

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              I don't have a contest but we implemented Ask Me Anything sessions and over the past 3 months, I got 7 executives participating that never participated in the past 3 years. 

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                  Max Ebnother

                  Thank you for sharing, Kim. Do the executives volunteer for these sessions or do you have something like a voting process to see whom the crowd would like to question?

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                      I identified a wishlist of key executives that I wanted to participate (division GM's, Presidents and CMO).  To get the program started, I first reached out to a couple executives and senior leaders that were somewhat active to use as the first guinea pigs and to showcase how the program would work.  After the first couple sessions were complete, I then directly reached out to my wishlist executives to host a session.  Of my wishlist, I got 100% acceptance.  Here is my individual email to each of them copying their key influencers (chief of staff, division communication manager, EA, etc.)


                      I am the Community Manager for The Voice with the job of keeping our employees informed, engaged, productive and collaborating.  We are starting a new program on The Voice called “Ask Me Anything” or AMA and I would like you to participate.


                      A quick summary of the program is that we create a space on The Voice called “Ask Me Anything” and coordinate with senior leaders at Nuance to answer questions from the community, directed to them, during a specified time period.  Employees can ask questions on any topic.  The leader can potentially add some seeded topics that are top of mind (like a new strategy announcement for example).  The leader would write an introductory blog providing a short background, announce the session and introduce any topics of interest (I can draft).  The host is committed to answering community questions during the specified time frame.


                      This could be a great way to connect our employees to our senior leaders.


                      The session length is flexible, it could be an hour, 2 hours, a day, a work week (probably max).  


                      Another idea is to tie these sessions to relatively hot topics or a piece of news: examples could be a launch, earnings, team all hands meeting, big event, program, etc.  An example is Mobile is working on a new innovation program and they want to do a session as part of their communication strategy. 


                      What do you think?  Want to give it a try?  We can discuss further if you want to ask questions and get more detail.


                      Then after each session, I ask the host four simple follow up questions:


                      1. Did you find the session a good use of your time?
                      2. Would you be willing to do another AMA session in the future?
                      3. Do you have any suggestions for program improvement?
                      4. Can you provide the name (or names) of another leader that would make a great AMA host?


                      All have said yes it was a good use of time, they would be willing to do another session and they provided me with a list of additional people to host.

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                  I am in the midst of launching a contest (next Monday, 9/8 to be exact). It will involve placing the entire company into 12 teams and rallying each of the divisional leaders to support and drive the teams. I can post more detail soon.

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                    We have some healthy competition between our execs for likes, followers and views of their blogs. We really want to implement the executive voice blog widget Lexmark Overview Page but it isn't compatible with Jive 7.


                    We've also had some really great success with a post called the Global Conversation in our community. Set up by our CEO, he ran a live webinar, questions were gathered before, during and after, they were then posted on his blog with answers from him and other senior executives. We are hosting our second one later this month and we're really excited.


                    If you are able to pull the data you could run a contest where people who login in X amount of times a week, month are entered into a draw to win points, prizes and/or recognition.


                    Having some specific objectives or desired outcomes can also help, do you want more participation? You could feature content, blogs, or people who are exceptional in your community to encourage users to contribute.