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    Deep linking when user profiles are created via SAML


      I am currently working on building links to specific community discussions within our Jive-hosted instance from my company's web application. We have SAML enabled for Single Sign-On, and we also have Terms & Conditions enabled in People settings. We have found that when new users who do not already have a Jive user profile created click through our Single Sign-On redirect link to navigate from our application to our Jive community site, they don't land on the desired landing page (which is typically an individual discussion). Instead, they land on the community site home page. Users that already do have a Jive user profile created are able to click through as expected; it is only new users that don't arrive on the desired page.


      In addition to enabling Terms & Conditions, we also have 'Enable Email Confirmation for New Users' turned on in the SAML advanced settings. I mention this because if we have both of these features turned off, new users do land on the correct page after their profile is created. It is only if either Terms & Conditions or Enable Email Confirmation for New Users are enabled that the problem occurs.


      Is there any way to configure our settings so that new users arrive on the correct page? This is a problem for us because it's important for us to create a good first impression for our new community users. If we end up sending users to the community site home page instead of the intended discussion, the experience will be confusing.


      A few details about our instance that may be relevant:

      • We are using Jive
      • We have SAML enabled for Single Sign-On.
      • We use PingIdentity as our SSO solution.
      • We do provision new user accounts on login through SAML.
      • Terms & Conditions are enabled in People settings.


      Thanks in advance for your help