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    Number of add-ons per node service


      We have multiple apps, 1 tile and 1 webhook.

      1. Each of the app is used to integrate with other social platforms within our firm (sends data from Jive to other platforms).

      2. The tile pulls and displays data from another social platform.

      3. The webhook pulls a person's photo from the corporate directory.


      We want to run all these on the same Node service. Is that the right way to do it ?


      Ryan Rutan you mentioned that the topology dictates 1 add-on per Node service.

      Could you clarify more on this and suggest the best/correct way to run the add-ons. We would like to know what you recommend in this situation.



      Snigdha, Devora Rogoff

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          A single Add-On can encapsulate multiple Apps, Tiles, Webhooks, service definitions, etc. So, yes, you can run all these under a single Add-On deployed as a single Node.js application.


          I do not see how multiple Add-Ons could be deployed to a single Node.js application...

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              Sorry, this question was sent to my email and it got overlooked.   Yes, John is correct.  The intent is that if you have a mash-up of services like Apps, Tiles, Cartridges, ESPs, etc... that are all related, you can deploy them using a single node service.  It is NOT recommended to use a single Node service for all Add-Ons ... as this would imply an "App Server Model", which is what I was trying to explain.  Hoping I didn't confuse the water any there.

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                  Thanks John Larson and Ryan Rutan for the reply.


                  There is one thing I am not clear about. At what point to I decide, I need another add-on ?


                  How do I know what needs to be pulled into the new one ? Is there a best practise/system limitation ?



                  Snigdha Devora Rogoff

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                      That is literally a personal decision..usually it is project based or resource based.  For example, an integration with System XYZ should probably be 1 add-on ... containing all the tiles, apps, cartridges, esps etc... in one.  Unless you have a very domain specific + heavy use of System XYZ (perhaps for a special department) that is so drastically different that it makes sense to compartmentalize those use-cases into a separate service.   In general, if you are building add-ons with the Jive SDK (node) there are built in mechanism to horizontally scale the solution to improve performance and mitigate detrimental impacts from a single client/use-case.  Similarly, if you opt to do Jive SDK Jersey, chances are that you have enterprise app patterns in place that can be employed to achieve similar results.


                      does any of that help?