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    A question on content management - bulk actions


      Is there a way to a better content management in Jive 7? We use our Jive system as a content management/discussion forum/company wide intranet, and we are looking for these content management actions:


      Assign a tag to selected documents

      Assign a category to selected document

      Mark selected documents with a certain outcome (final, outdated etc)

      Move selected content to another space/project/group/subspace


      and we have a few not-so-common ones too:


      Assign a reviewer to chosen documents

      Create a periodic review reminder for chosen content

      (this is the trickiest one) Add specific meta data to chosen documents (like an additional disclaimer just below the title or at the bottom more like a footer)


      Has anyone done some of these already? Does Jive 7 support some of this out of the box? Can the be done using APIs?


      Sorry to bother you Tracy Maurer, Ryan Rutan, Deepa Ramesh, Bill Chamberlain, I have been following you, and have seen you providing valuable suggestions. Tagging you just to get your attention!