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    C-Suite Network Announces Network Community for C-Suite Leaders at Inaugural Network Conference

      C-Suite Network Announces Network Community for C-Suite Leaders at Inaugural Network Conference


      DALLAS, TX--(Marketwired - May 6, 2014) -   C-Suite Network, a powerful alliance and peer network exclusively reserved for C-Suite members, and Jeffrey Hayzlett, host of the Bloomberg TV show The C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett, announced the launch C-Suite Network Community, an...

      C-Suite Network Community Powered by Jive to Provide Private Community for Business Leaders to Discuss Business Practices, Industry News and Offer Broad Support for Peers

      The C-Suite Network Community is a private online forum for business leaders to discuss best business practices, industry news and offer support to their peers. Powered by Jive Software's industry-leading JiveX customer community platform and supported by JCS Consulting, the online network, the community offers business leaders a personalized dashboard that hosts network activities, profiles to easily find and connect with appropriate C-Suite colleagues, and relevant online services and resources. Another feature exclusive to the online community is a personal landing page for executives to display their accolades and professional affiliations and networks.

      Blog from Elisa Steele:

      Thank you to all the C-Suite members for sharing your insights and expertise during the inaugural C-Suite Network conference!  Luckily, our discussions don’t have to end.  We can use our exclusive community to stay informed, network, share information and insights. The future of work is right here.


      We know that people are constantly trying to find better ways to work. Our employees are capturing ideas in Evernote; using Skype and WhatsApp; saving their files on Dropbox; and using their personal, mobile devices at the office. While this is interesting, working better is not just about technology -- it's about enabling people and igniting meaningful human connection for a common purpose. People want a workstyle that fits their lifestyle!


      Millennials, who now make up 36% of the workforce, are the first generation to grow up using technology. They want to be as connected, productive and creative as people. Some say they are driving new workstyles, but I see this as a better way for everyone to do business.


      A recent Gallup survey found that 63% of “engaged” employees — people who are involved in and enthusiastic about their work and their workplace — would keep their current job even if they won $10 million in the lottery.  Seriously, that's how meaningful their work is to them. But, disengaged employees are the majority...outpacing engaged employees 2:1. Employees are not the only ones who want to be more collaborative -- customers want to be connected to the companies and brands they admire. And, when they are, they pay an average premium of 23% back to your company! Contrast that to the 13% average discount driven from disengaged customers. So, engagement with our employees, partners and customers couldn't be a better business investment.


      As demonstrated by Drew Kelton yesterday on stage with Jeffrey Hayzlett, T-Mobile is a great example of embracing a dynamic and empowering way to work to accomplish outstanding business results.  Recently, CITEWorld published how T-Mobile simplified information sharing for 60,000 employees, improved customer service, and started saving $3M by breaking down barriers inside and outside the organization.  Read the full article here: http://www.citeworld.com/article/2115706/social-collaboration/tmobile-jive.html.


      And the success stories starting to truly emerge. A top three-analyst firm found that companies with a connected, collaborative workstyle have a massive competitive advantage:

      • Employee productivity is up 15%
      • Turnover is down 24%
      • Sales win rates are up 12%
      • Support costs are down 9%


      No matter what we call it, living this workstyle is no longer optional — it’s a business imperative. It isn’t about email replacement, online chat, or even important social features. Instead, it integrates all the ways people work as a team to accomplish the great things they could not have otherwise achieved.


      As leaders, we must build strong culture with a passion for our vision and our values. We must connect our company with customers and partners in a real-time conversation. In essence, we must create the right workstyle that empowers people to work better together.

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