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    Change made to users profile through the REST API are not reflected in the analytic data


      In our community we run daily scripts to update some fields of our users profile using the REST API. The problem I'm having is that it seems like updates made to profiles that way are not caught by the ETL and so the analytic data is not updated.


      So when I go have a look at the Profile Completion report in the Community Manager Reports page, I never know if the data I see is good. The change made through the API only gets reflected in the analytic data when users (or admin) manually update their profile after an automatic update.


      Has anyone ran into this problem? Anybody know if their is a way to force the ETL to update some users through the REST API? (We got a SQL query that force an update for everyone but thats not something that we would want to run daily).


      We are currently running Jive 6.0.4 on-premise.