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    Log in page 'Welcome to Jive'




      This question is aimed at anyone who manages an private external community in cloud and therefore also uses a log in screen.


      Has anyone been able to get rid of the 'Welcome to Jive' text?


      I've been told this isn't possible on JiveX cloud - but I struggle to believe that all of Jive''s customers managing JiveX Cloud are quite happy to keep this on their community (and I'm the only person looking to remove it.)


      For us the term 'Jive' is just completely out of context and is likely to confuse our users logging in.


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.


      Many thanks.


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          John Schwiller

          Have you tried asking Support to edit the i18n entry for you? Don't know if they would, or even if each cloud instance has its own files or whether that's part of the multi-tenant share.

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            If you have admin access, you can remove the text in /template/global/login.ftl.


            Go to: <h2><@s.text name="login.intro.header"/></h2>

            Remove the stuff between the h2 tags and replace with your company name.


            Hope that helps!

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              Thanks both for your comments - I've written this one off unfortunately.

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                  Del, we have just come across this problem at PwC too and it is a big usability issue for us. Our clients & stakeholders think they are joining a PwC network (community). 'Welcome to Jive' therefore is misleading and a significant problem. We'd be fine even if it just said 'Welcome.'  This is going to crop up again and again and will put us and others off using cloud. I wonder how quickly they can change this... I wouldn't have thought a text edit would be a significant change.

                  Emerald Ressler - any more we can do?

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                  Hi Del, Paula


                  What Paula notes about it just defaulting to "Welcome" is probably a fairly easy thing to do. I can file that.


                  What I don't quite understand (honest question here) is how/why it is perceived as affecting overall adoption. I haven't heard a lot about this default inbox entry feature since we put in a few years back. It's popped into my view recently because of this discussion and I guess part of me is also just plain astonished that anyone even noticed its existence.


                  I know this might be a silly and ignorant thing to ask, but Community Managers probably have a better read on this than I do. Are people actually consuming this information? Is it useful aside from the generic-ness of the title?


                  Thanks in advance for any help understanding this feature better 'in the wild'.



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                      Thanks Amy. A quick fix would be much appreciated; either to 'Welcome' or removing completely.  I'm not sure whether users actually read it as it looks a promo type message. I know I tend to switch off from these.


                      The real issue on adoption is that the person thinks they are say (for illustration) joining Jive External Communities and instead when they first get there they get a message that says 'Welcome to PwC'. We also have other issues relevant to our regulated industry that makes it an issue. 


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                      I see Paula noticed it, but I wanted to let everyone know that the most recent Cloud release removed the 'Welcome to Jive' text.

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                        John Schwiller

                        So posting to this late as I was confused by the different 'locations' people were talking about, and I was already on early build of 8c2 when this started.


                        On a final build 8c2 of Jive Cloud when I create a new user I see 'Jive' here:


                        1. On the 'Welcome to Jive Fundamentals' popup (with the Jive hero people)

                        2. 'Jive Fundamentals' on Get Started next to the abc blocks.

                        3. A posting to Inbox titled 'Welcome to Jive' - which at least has Welcome to <InstanceName> in the body.


                        Is it the intent to fix all of these eventually (on Cloud)?