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    What's the difference expertise and skills?

      Hello fellow Jivers,


      As we prepare for the upgrade from '6' to Cloud here at NBCUni International, I wanted to ask other Community Managers what the difference was between Expertise - found under user profiles, and Skills - found as part of the new Cloud endorsement offering.


      I added a Skill to my Cloud profile and this wasn't recognised in my Expertise, so I wonder why these two things are different, and how others are using these fields. It seems a little like duplication to me but wondered if I might be missing a trick!

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          Hi Tony - I had the same question - keen to know what others are doing with Tags on profiles, vs Expertise -

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            John Schwiller

            The Expertise field on your profile is a rich text field (the legacy option) which may be set to be indexable - so words there come up in a search. The Skills and Expertise LinkedIn-like endorsements (newer option) are tags and will be found in both a search and a tag cloud drill-down.


            Yes it's a bit confusing that the same word is used in both places


            As examples, my expertise field includes " I'm an innovative senior business consultant, social networking and collaboration evangelist, troubleshooter and technical architect." Whereas my Skills and Expertise includes:


            - envangelist

            - jive champion

            - social

            - digital


            Not all from the rich text field is a Skill and Expertise tag, and not all S&E tags appear in the rich text field.


            Confused? You won't be.... (for those that remember http://youtu.be/0BHQT3Omqtw )

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              That's useful, thanks John (and *love* the video!)


              I guess for me it's about 'what do we want our people to complete?' - sure we can encourage them to fill in both, but the reality is most will have a bit of time to do one or the other, and it looks like Skills, that are picked up in search and have the endorsement functionality, is really where it's at.


              Looking at the comms and education around our upgrade, I'll make sure there's something in there to say to those who have been using 'Wave' for a while to ensure their existing Expertise is reflected in their Skills too, wheras for new users it will be all about the Skills!