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    Jive and Google Analytics URL


      Has anyone found a way to associate the Message and Thread URLs within Google Analytics to a specific community?


      I am able to cross reference the URL (example)

      Using the XML Mapper Utility | Communities on SAS by cross referencing it against a database report that associates messages to community IDs.. However, I was wondering if it is possible to make the URL perhaps have a code that identifies that it is in a specific community?



      Thanks in advance for your help!



        • Re: Jive and Google Analytics URL

          I'm not quite sure of your requirements, but I bet that there is some level of META information in the page DOM that could be scraped/calculated and stored into a GA variable .. but not sure which reports you are wanting to use and/or if this will meet your needs, but this sounds in the ballpark of a solution that should get you close.


          Hope that helps.