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    The changing course of collaboration software

      The collaboration market has diversified and now offers a variety of software. Some is suitable for users working on time-sensitive projects using Gantt charts, while others champion Kanban boards designed for projects with multiple consecutively moving parts.

      "A few years ago, differentiating yourself in the collaboration software market meant focusing on the people and relationships side of collaboration (the social aspect), but today the emphasis is more on facilitating and supporting the practical side of our day-to-day activities, through tasks and projects," says Angela Ashenden, principal analyst of collaboration at MWD Advisors.

      "We amplify the signal of things that matter and reduce the noise of things that don’t, for each and every person. Our platform introduces you to the experts you haven’t met yet but should. It recommends groups and discussions you aren’t part of, but need to be in," says Tim Zonca, senior director of product marketing at Jive Software.

      Rather than champion a specific workflow methodology, Jive claims to supports any workstyle from Scrum to the lean working approach and others. Jive’s Zonca explains that if a firm does all its business in cafes rather than office cubicles, the software is cognisant of that behavioural style and capable of shaping to fit.

      The Jive platform provides a range of metrics, from basic community health to specific goal-based metrics, that might feature in an employee on-boarding progress for example. Plus, the software offers the ability to export metrics to third-party analytics tools such as Tableau, QlikView, Birst and Splunk. The Jive platform is entirely cloud based, with new augmentations added on a quarterly basis.

      Collaboration tools still share a commonality of purpose in terms of their focus on people, context, preferred working methods, mobile access and a path to the fabled land of discoverability. The ultimate digitisation and computerisation of the simple “to do” list has not quite changed our lives yet, but it may do soon.

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