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    Impact metrics and video

      Is it possible to obtain impact metrics for video content posted on Jive communities?

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          Not to date as far as I am aware. Confirming -

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            Would it work if you placed the video content inside a Blog of Document?

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                Chris - that is an excellent idea! Expecially if the videos are intended to be communications, then blog posts would be a great way to deliver them. Thanks for the idea - we may well need that once we upgrade!

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                  Thanks Christopher. We did consider this option, but then we would lose the 'featured video' feature that allows us to display videos front-and-center in the group, in a way that means that they are instantly playable. 

                  Plus with video posts you get a nice thumbnail of the video in the streams where in a blog the thumbnail is lost.

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                      I do wish there was an ability to include a video thumbnail, regardless of where/how the video is posted.

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                        How about this...


                        Can you create a video thumbnail - make a small image and have the link direct to the featured video?


                        The thumbnail(s) would be present in your blog/document and if you can attach a counter, you can then measure how many times folks are clicking on the actual video.  Not ideal, but maybe that would help in the meantime (or some variation thereof).

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                          If you insert the video into a document and then use the  "view document" widget on your homepage, the video is instantly playable.  However, you still won't get document counts from this.  What we do is announce the video with a link to the document. People get the announcement in their email, click the link to the doc (which gives us our views) and then play the video.  At the same time, it's displayed on our home page.  We've used video for important company announcements, so people do click through from the email.

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                            Caton Guilbault

                            Hi Tony,


                            Like Matt & Max mentioned below you can get to most if not all of what Impact Metrics provides from the databases via the JCA. We leverage a lot of video content so I happen to have a couple of queries handy if you need them.

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                                Thanks guys I really appreciate your feedback!


                                I've not ventured into the JCA at all, but maybe this is the time to take a deep breath and get involved! Will explore when I can as metrics are really important to us, as is the ability to be able to play video 'in situ' directly on the page (us media-darlings are a fussy bunch when it comes to video!)


                                Thanks again for your help. Caton - I may well take you up on that offer soon!

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                                  I'd love to see these too if you dont mind sharing

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                                      Caton Guilbault

                                      Hey Max,


                                      Sure, these are the 2 primary queries that I mash together when needed.


                                      First one pulls a list of current Videos from the System DB with some basic info like: Id, Container, Title, Creation date, Modification date, Duration, Author, etc.


                                          to_timestamp(jivevideo.creationdate/1000) as "creationdate",
                                          to_timestamp(jivevideo.modificationdate/1000) as "modificationdate",
                                      from jivevideo
                                      join jivecommunity on jivecommunity.communityid=jivevideo.containerid
                                      left join jiveviewcount jcount on jcount.objectid = jivevideo.vidid
                                      Where jcount.objecttype = '1100'


                                      The second is an Analytics fact table pull for who viewed what when, filtered for videos. I usually smash this up against some internal data that includes hierarchy info but you could pull in profile stuff instead.


                                      from jivedw_activity_fact
                                      join jivedw_object on jivedw_object.dw_object_id = jivedw_activity_fact.direct_dw_object_id
                                      left join jivedw_user on jivedw_user.user_id = jivedw_activity_fact.user_id
                                      where     jivedw_activity_fact.activity_ts >= '5/1/2014' and
                                          jivedw_activity_fact.activity_ts < '5/2/2014' and
                                          jivedw_activity_fact.activity_type = 10 and
                                          jivedw_object.object_type = 1100


                                      Let me know if you have any questions.

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                                Just about any particular metrics you are looking for are available from an analytics database query. There are a lot of folks that monitor the Jive Analytics User Group group or [Archived] Jive Analytics space that can help if the query you are looking for is not already posted there somewhere.  I know it is some trouble and a learning curve to get all that setup, but it is possible for "non-coders" (like me) to do with the resources that are out there, and honestly is pretty simple once you know what to do.  Writing queries from scratch takes some research and experience, but again there are a ton of queries already out there and plenty of people willing to help with new ones.  I hope Impact Metrics will be available for all relevant content types, but until then I wouldn't let the absence of it hold back your video comms effort.

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                                  Love the number of responses and ideas from others here- thanks everyone for chiming in, please continue to! 

                                  Sorry had gotten tied up...did confirm, none yet for video, but this is on their list. As mentioned, you can also pull a ton via JCA or analytical DB/API as well.

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                                      Thanks for confirming that it's on the list, Max Calderon! Great news!


                                      From a usability perspective, the ability to just be able to click and see the impact metrics on a video post like you can all other pieces of content will be awesome. For my coworkers and I, the visual display and design of the video posts have so much more impact and appeal than what occurs when you put videos inside a doc/blog.